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Hello Neighbor

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Hello Neighbor is an asymmetrical stealth horror game. The player plays as a child exploring their new house, while AI is the Neighbor, a mysterious figure with unknown motives.

In the game, the player is tasked with investigating the neighbor's house. They must avoid detection, by going around the house without being seen. They can choose to either sneak around or enter through the front door. The player can also choose the time of day they are in to help them avoid detection.


The player gets a chance to explore the house in peace, but eventually, the Neighbor will catch up, and the chase begins. The player will be able to explore the three-story house and uncover their neighbor's secrets. They will need to avoid traps, find keys, and explore the house to find a way to escape.

The gameplay is very tense and exciting. The players can't defend themselves, so they have to rely on outwitting the Neighbor. The players are always on the run, so they have to be careful not to get caught, or else the Neighbor will forcibly bring them to their basement.


The graphics are not the main focus of the game. They are simple and minimalistic, and the game is played from a top-down perspective. 

However, the animations of the characters are all really well done. The characters move fluidly and realistically, which is very nice. The only thing that the graphics are good at is creating an atmosphere for the player. The houses can look creepy and scary, and they can really set the mood for the game.

Replay Value

The players have a lot of freedom. They can explore the house and its rooms at will, and they can get creative with the items they find. The player can also free roam outside of the house, and explore the wider neighborhood. 

The replayability of the game is high because the player has to try out different tactics and escape routes to succeed. Hello Neighbor has a great sense of exploration. The player is able to use the environment in order to figure out what to do next. 

The game also has a bit of difficulty, which makes it feel more rewarding when the player succeeds. It is also quite addicting because the player wants to explore the house more and more.


Hello Neighbor is a great game to play on a dark and stormy night. Hello Neighbor is a game with a horror theme and it was released on November 8, 2017. The game is a sandbox-style game that is similar to The Sims but with a horror theme.


  • The game is free to download
  • It’s very addictive
  • The gameplay is dynamic
  • It is a good way to pass the time


  • Graphics are a bit outdated compared to other games in the same genre
  • It may seem boring after a couple of tries
  • The game is not scary enough


Hello Neighbor Hello Neighbor
Hello Neighbor
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