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Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

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Fall Guys is a platformer game available on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR. It is a competitive game in which players race to the finish line. Fall Guys is a game of luck, with the most skilful player not always winning. 

The Concept

Fall Guys is fun, but it's not for everyone. A love of competition is required to really enjoy Fall Guys as it's more of a party game than a serious one. The difficulty can be a little low, and the mechanics are simple. Fall Guys is about wobbly, hilarious players stumbling around an obstacle course to reach the crown at the end. It's about laughter and failure, and the most enjoyable games are those where you can come out on the other end, victorious.


Fall Guys is a competitive game in which players race to the finish line with a variety of obstacles in their way. In Fall Guys, players compete to survive by completing challenges and staying alive throughout each round. 

The game features a battlefield where up to 60 players can battle against each other. Players in the game can choose from a list of characters, each with their own unique skills and abilities.


The graphics of Fall Guys are simple, colorful, and generally pleasing to the eye. They are reminiscent of the simplistic, bubbly graphics of an old-school platformer, but with the added detail of modern games. 

For the most part, the graphics are crisp and clear. The backgrounds often contain major details that players spend their time staring at, and that is a plus. The one downside is that sometimes the graphics can be a little glitchy. 


Fall Guys is a battle royale game in which players must work their way through a series of minigames for the chance to be the last one standing. Critics praised the game's simplicity and fun gameplay, but criticised the lack of depth and replayability.

All in all, Fall Guys is a simple, quirky game that is a great time waster. The game is always changing, and that keeps it from getting stale. The game is easy to learn but still offers a challenge. For these reasons, Fall Guys is a decent game to spend a lot of time with.


  • It’s really fun and addictive
  • Bright graphics
  • A bunch of different rounds


  • It’s mostly a game of luck
  • Micro-transactions


Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout
Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout
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